Monday, September 7, 2009


I've started to read this book. I'm not sure if it's helping me or not. I've come to terms with the fact that he most likely will never leave his wife. I'm OK with that. The book basically is telling me I should use him, like he's using me. I don't know if this applies to our relationship. Well, maybe it does. I told him I wanted more money (remember he's my boss), a new apartment (one bedroom -- no more roommates), and a new car (mine is falling apart).
This arrangement is supposed to be for the next two years, until I graduate from school.

Prostitution much?
I dunno.

He's thinking about it...and still thinking about what he's going to do about his marriage.

I'm just confused. And sort of not.


  1. question i have is: does his wife question where his money goes? if not, i guess he's home free.

    but its definatly not fair for him to lead you on, so i say go for it. milk him. its not prostitution technically. being a mistress is NOT prostitution. there are some women who live in lavish houses and never have to work and all they do is have sex with the man/men and be the mistress... thier job is to be there for thier needs.

    and you and him being boss and worker does make it a bit more complicated.

    but still: milk him, take advantage of him. get all you can get! because if he does leave her for you who is to say he wont do the same thing to you? use him.

  2. He owns two businesses. His wife never sees where the money is going. Home free.

  3. are you still there.
    hope you're doing fine.